Have your customer choose the material and stain and we do the rest. Once the material and stains have been chosen, the material will be dropped off by the material supplier to our prestaining facility in Denver, Colorado. Upon arrival, the material is inspected. The material then undergoes the flood coat process.

  1. Boards are checked for moisture before entering machine
  2. Operator regulates the amount of coating
  3. Board is flooded, top and bottom with coating
  4. Pressure rollers force coating into surface of board
  5. First set of brushes even out coating in top and bottom
  6. Side brushes evenly coat edges, straight or beveled
  7. Last set of brushes backbrush for optimum surface appearance
  8. Boards are checked for proper wet mil thickness
  9. Coated board is placed in state of the art drying system that dries boards uniformly and efficiently
  10. Boards can be reinserted through machine for a second coat to repeat process

Once the material has been dried, stacked and wrapped, it is ready to be picked up for delivery to your job site.

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